A Tale of Two Cities

There and Back Again

Need to edit this later…

Rupert was putting dream fruit into farmer’s markets around the Bay Area. Quick and Felix hunted down Rupert pretty easily, and took Mask with them to Rupert’s place. They went inside, found Rupert (and Rupert’s dying/dreaming uncle), trapped him (also found a book and a manuscript of the same book). John Ho was thrust upon the group by the SF consilium’s leader. Quick was immediately at odds with him, due to being talked down to by both the leader of the consilium and John. Everyone but Mask, went to the dream world (probably the uncle’s dream). Dragons are there and they don’t like Setor, and want us to destroy Setor. Quick made the dragon angry when it attacked John, so John agreed to help the dragon in order to allow us to leave unharmed. Rupert and the people of the dream world like Setor, and attacked the group of mages because John agreed to help the dragons. Rupert left the dreamworld and went back to the apartment, and MAsk let him leave the apartment.

Also Mask wears a full alabaster mask (that somehow reveals his scarring), dragon sweat pants, and is really good with a knife?

The only actual thing I would point out is that the cabal was asked by the leader of the Consilium to track new awakenings in the area and that from there they were directed to check in on this “magical fruit showing up in farmer’s market” business. The fruit was giving mortals supernatural senses (seeing auras, hearing thoughts, detecting magic, etc.).

When the greedy dragon was asked: “what will Setor’s last words be?”, the dragon replied, “I am not the true king, only a pretender to the throne”. Or something like that.

I believe you guys may have also uncovered that Rupert and his father are related to the individual who wrote the Ancient Lands pentalogy, a pop fantasy fiction piece that’s won acclaim and nerd adoration on a level akin to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The book and manuscript you found were for a book titled, “a Great Emperor” which is the last of the Ancient Lands pentalogy.


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