Cabals of the Consilium

The following cabals are not an exhaustive list of every cabal active in the Bay Area consilium but include several major players and cabals of note. Other cabals may be added here as they are encountered in the game.

The Ocean Spire Masons

The Ocean Spire Masons are one of the oldest cabals in the Bay Area and certainly the cabal with the greatest political influence. Though the cabal has shrunk in recent years as its original members die (or in one case, vanish completely) it has slowly begun to accept younger mages into its ranks. The Ocean Spire Masons use their age and authority within the Consilium to draw younger mages to their goal of suffusing San Francisco with Supernal resonance and altering the geomancy of the city such that it harmonizes with the lost city of Atlantis. They believe that it is possible to summon Atlantis across time and space to the Fallen World if they properly align the mystic energies of the city.

Notable members;

  • Elderado – Obrimos Silver Ladder Thrice Great and Hierarch of the consilium
  • Roanoke – Moros Mysterium and Ruling Council member
  • Camelot – Acanthus Silver Ladder, Herald of the Ruling Council, and Senator

The People’s Revolution

By far the largest cabal in the Bay Area, due in large part to its aggressive recruiting tactics and very loose power structure, the People’s Revolution is a Free Council cabal that dates back to the early 50s. By the mid 1960s the cabal had grown large enough to rival the membership of most other cabals in the city and they used their considerable power to pressure the Diamond Orders into releasing their grip on the Bay Area’s mystic politics and reformating the political structure of the consilium. Today the cabal largely focuses on further diminishing the Diamond Order’s presence within the region (strictly through converts and recruiting, the People’s Revolution is entirely non-violent to the Diamond Orders) and creating a fully democratic consilium to stand as the capital of a new Awakened nation.

Notable members;

  • Gold Rush – Acanthus Free Council House of Ariadne, previous Ambassador to the Lost Courts, and Elect of the caucus
  • Spirit – Thyrsus Free Council, only surviving original member of the People’s Revolution and the matriarch of the cabal
  • Peace Walker – Mastigos Free Council, Herald of the Senate
  • Elpis – Obrimos Free Council, Senator

Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances is a cabal that formed largely in response to the People’s Revolution in an attempt to limit their impact upon the consilium and retain the power of the Diamond Order within San Francisco. The cabal is mainly composed of Guardians of the Veil and members of the Silver Ladder with an interest in uncovering and recreating the government of Atlantis within the context of the San Francisco Bay Are consilium. Checks and Balances also act as the primary policing force within the Bay Area mages, primarily because of their strong membership of Guardians of the Veil but also because key members of the cabal have been given Sentinel positions for just that purpose.

Notable members;

  • Judicious – Mastigos Guardian of the Veil Clavicularius and Provost of the Hierarch
  • Legislative – Acanthus Guardian of the Veil and member of the Ruling Council
  • Executive – Obrimos Guardian of the Veil, Herald of the Hierarch, and Sentinel

the Flaming Sword

The Flaming Sword is the closest the San Francisco Bay Area consilium has to a militia – and they’re incredibly effective. The Flaming Sword cabal claims to have formed in 1905 to combat mounting Abyssal threats and that the 1906 earthquake was a direct result of various Abyssal forces lashing out at the city and its defenders. Since that time the Flaming Sword has rotated membership, always seeking out Adamantine Arrows who are unaligned with cabals or whose cabals disband. Remaining fairly neutral in any inter-consilium political disputes, the Flaming Sword puts the safety of the Sleeper and Awakened populations in San Francisco above all else and doggedly pursue Abyssal threats within the city. Since their inception they have also acted against various Seer intrusions into the city. In the summer of 2011 they created a stir when they accepted a non-mage into their cabal, a woman who claimed to have actually spent a portion of her life in Arcadia and returned of her own volition.

Notable members;

  • Zulfiqar – Mastigos Adamantine Arrow Clavicularius, member of the Ruling Council and a Sentinel of the consilium
  • Excalibur – Acanthus Adamantine Arrow, one of two Senators representing the Flaming Sword and a Sentinel of the consilium
  • Masamune – Obrimos Adamantine Arrow Perfected Adept, second of two Senators representing the Flaming Sword and a Sentinel of the consilium
  • Hrunting – Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow Orphan of Proteus, Ambassador to the Bird and the Rock, Sentinel of the consilium
  • Joanna Ark – a not quite mortal being infused with the energies of Arcadia – also a formidable warrior, Ambassador to the Lost Courts

the Daughters of Gaia

An exclusively female (with one exception) cabal, the Daughters of Gaia is a politically agnostic group with Diamond Order and Free Council members who seek to understand the role of femininity and femaleness in the Supernal. Although not mandatory most members of the cabal live in a commune dedicated to the creation of art and “natural living”. Although they do not seem to have explicit goals within the consilium, the Daughters frequently have an interest in finding and tracking Sleepwalkers as well as pursuing rumors of Proximus. While cabal membership is restricted to females (and a single Daksha who was previously male bodied), members of the cabal still mentor and work with males mages with shared interests.

Notable members;

  • Hera – Thyrsus, public leader of the cabal, and member of the Ruling Council
  • Aphrodite – Mastigos Free Council, Hera’s lover, Senator in the caucus
  • Artemis – Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow, Ambassador to the Primal Tribes, and Sentinel as voted on by the caucus

Heralds of the 2.0

The Heralds of the 2.0 is a predominantly Free Council cabal that believes a global Awakening is imminent in the form of the technological singularity. They point to the incredible and rapid advances in Sleeper science and predictions that within the next 100 years the entire world will be transformed in unforseeable ways. The Heralds of the 2.0 believes the singularity is inevitable barring global disaster and that it will happen within their lifetime. Firm in that belief its members don’t attempt to speed the singularity into being but instead attempt to spread their message to Awakened society and to nudge the coming singularity into the most beneficent form it can take. Members of the Heralds of the 2.0 frequently come from high tech backgrounds and employ Sleeper technologies on the cutting edge.

Notable members;

  • Wells – Acanthus Free Council Thredonist and Senator
  • Asimov – Moros Free Council
  • Herbert – Thyrsus Free Council Transhuman Engineer
  • Kurzweil – Obrimos Free Council Transhuman Engineer, Provost of the Elect

the Living Tarot

While most cabals remain in one city throughout their existence, the Living Tarot moves from consilium to consilium in search of cards missing from an artifact they call the First Tarot. Members tend to avoid consilium politics but have participated enough to earn the trust and friendship of some Awakened in the Bay Area. They arrived in the area nearly 4 years ago and immediately began scouring the consilium for rumors of the cards missing from the First Tarot. Although they claim to have turned up empty handed in terms of results, they continue to search the area and contact distant consiliums as they plan to move on. During the time they have stayed in the Bay Area they have trained many mages in their unique magic style, cartomancy, in exchange for favors and knowledge.

Notable members;

  • the Wheel of Fortune – Mastigos Cartomancer, Senator representing the Living Tarot

the Bird and the Rock

The Bird and the Rock are a mysterious group even by the standards of the Awakened. In fact, many members of the consilium think “cabal” is not even the appropriate term as mages are in the minority of group. Instead the Bird and Rock are the mage representatives of a collection of undead supernatural beings who claim to hold court on Alcatraz Island. Although the origins of the group are not well known in the consilium, the mages of this cabal claim to have been investigated the powerful death magic radiating from Alcatraz Island when they discovered the supernatural group. Since that time the mages pledged to work with the group in exchange for access to the occult knowledge of death and ancient history these beings possessed.

Notable members;

  • the Warden – leader of the Bird and the Rock but not an Awakened, instead a mortal seemingly merged with an avatar of death
  • Blackbird – Acanthus, one of two Senators representing the Bird and the Rock, acts as the messenger of the Bird and the Rock
  • Granite – Moros Mysterium Stone Scribe, second of two Senators representing the Bird and the Rock
  • Minos – Thyrsus Guardian of the Veil and Barrister of the consilium / caucus
  • Carrion Crow – Moros Tremere Lich, whose presence in the consilium is only barely tolerated because of the sizable faction that encompasses the Bird and the Rock
  • Obsidian – Moros Silver Ladder Uncrowned King, technically an ex-member of the cabal. He left the Bird and Rock prior to claiming the title of Hierarch in Oakland so as not to include his cabal in any repercussions he might face due to his power grab though he continues to share close ties to the cabal.

Cabals of the Consilium

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