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The San Francisco Consilium

Hierarchy of the Consilium

The Hierarchy of the Consilium discusses the shared power structure of the Diamond Orders and the Free Council and the growing political strain of too many mages in too close of proximity.

Cabals of the Consilium

The Cabals of the Consilium gives and overview of the various cabals that call the Bay Area their home. While not entirely exhaustive this section does describe those cabals who actively participate in the consilium.

Legacies of the Consilium

The Legacies of the Consilium outlines the presence of various Legacies within the Bay Area consilium and their public agendas.

Mysteries of the Fallen

San Francisco and the Bay Area in general are home to supernatural beings beyond the scope of the Awakened and their counting. In some cases the Awakened is aware of and may even have a formal relationship to these supernatural beings, in others they have only rumors and legends to suggest something out of the ordinary. Those Awakened who would count themselves enemies of the Pentacle also vie for control of the region.

From On High
the Iron Pyramid
the Nefandi
the Bird and the Rock
the Primal Tribes
the Lost Courts

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